it just builds up

rome copy

am so excited for my next travel destination. Can you guess where i'm going?


friday breaks

i just love sitting on the window sill and saying hello to the neighbourhood's cats.

i wanted a box


i find myself referring to sanaa alot this semester, and that an urban exercise has turned into landscaping instead. why can't i just draw straight lines?

waiting always makes me nervous

100526 copy

the pre-final presentation. didnt go as well as i would've hope for, but great ideas always require extra effort. and effort isn't what i'm aiming for.

i look forward to saturdays


The weekly visit to your stroopwafel store brings me joy.
Happy weekend everyone, while I slave away for the name of architecture.




Five good things:
1) Friends
2) Stress (yes its a good thing)
3) Seeing 2 people in love
4) Free seats on airasia
5) Long awaited letters


manifest thyself

its the time of the semester again.


polaroid05 2


when i was travelling to sweden a few months ago i visited the one of the most poetic cemetery grounds i've ever seen. being buried among the woods with thick snow is just so peaceful. this picture was taken through a peephole in the chapel. the modest chapels were all closed and the grounds literally empty but i think this just adds to the serenity to it.




to mom and dad. for all the love and sacrifice. i wouldnt be where i am right now without you. happy mother's day to all the moms.

i've got a flat

i've got a flat

i blame it on the heavy groceries i've been carrying on my bike. its actually a puncture, and without the boyfriend around i'd have to rely on myself to patch them up =(



these steps are long and high but i shall persevere.




the lady behind the counter said the name of it was 'chocolate cake'. no way in hell this was just a 'chocolate cake' because it was beyond heavenly. swedish chocolate with hazelnuts at the top, cream, caramel and almond base all in layers. best cake I've had in a while. will need to try to make this once i get my oven back.