Sydney D1

We went on a food rampage in Sydney last weekend. There’s nothing better than good food with great company with perfect sunny weather!! It was a well needed break from rainy Melbourne and all the deadlines that came with it. It really was the perfect time to just not think about work for once.

(ps: alot of the photos come from ym’s camera. just cause she has the more advanced one!)


We touched down on Friday morning and arranged with the hostel for transportation. While waiting, the dog-sniffers were doing their round of training in the airport. They were so adorable, was so tempting to just give them a big big hug! Except that i might be reprimanded for obstructing security or something. Anyways after a minor hiccup of the bus not showing up to pick us up (!!) we found ourselves in maze backpackers which i would totally recommend because its just so bloody close to nearly every single darn thing.

Brunch at Chat Thai! We tried to make a booking for dinner and found out its booked out till the next month! Nevertheless we did make it for brunch =) and it really is worth the hype because it is just soooo delicious!! there would be long lines for dinner so if at anytime you want to try, do go around lunch time or for supper. oh and do remember to try their coconut desserts! (photo above) Made in a takoyaki pan, its crispy on the outside and gooey in the inside with sweet coconut cream and chives. on nom nom nom.


We then made our way to Bondi beach for some sun and sand and pigged out on pork ribs at Hurricane’s. Its great to go on a food-pigging trip with your 2 other girlfriends because then you don’t need to act oh-so-polite and just eat with your hands and sauce all other your mouth. teehee

After dinner, the lovely waitress suggested some desserts to us only then did i realise; we needed to try DEEP FRIED MARS BAR!! ohmigod they were sooo good. of course totally fab for my thighs too. We got them from a fresh fish store on the corner of the block facing the beach. Don’t be fooled by the photo. it really tastes better than it looks!

And Friday ended with a little partying at flow at world square. =) asian club; what more can i say. but what’s great about it was that it was practically 2 minutes walk from our backpackers hostel! can’t complain of sore feet when it’s just around the block!

feel my eyes on your back



I admit it, i stalk people online. HAH. Everyone does it. That's why you've got an account on facebook isint it? To stay 'connected' to your 'friends' which is.. basically everyone you've met in your life. Sometimes you don't even know that person in real life, or even their names.. but you would find them and stalk them.. all in the name of entertainment. Follow their every status update, picture comments, photos they've been tagged in or wall-to-wall conversations that are meaningless.

Ok, i don't think i'm to that extent. But really, how would i know who-married-who or who-broke-up-with-who if not for the largest social network on the net? Not so sure if it really works in terms of 'social networking' tho. =/


Booyah. i'm obsessed with taking photographs of everything i see too. I'm going for a short trip to Sydney this weekend. Wait for the photos on facebook!

or maybe not.

by the way

if you didn't know already i am currently doing my final semester in architecture where we would have to propose our own thesis in question. of course this is rad and all where we would have the freedom of doing something we're passionate about, this was how i felt when my lovely tutor briefed us on the next 6 weeks to come;


i iz dead monkey. keel me nao.

yea i'm just exaggerating. but inside i was really panicking. this was the one chance that we get the freedom to do anything we want, yet i'm stuck. there's so many things i want to do, and i've got to choose just ONE, and finish it within 6 weeks. while other universities conventionally stretch their thesis projects throughout a whole year i've got 6 weeks. how fab.

dont worry

maybe i'm just stressing myself out with too high expectations. till then, let me flaunt my (amateur-ish) yet pretty photograph skills when cherie voon came with bokeh filters. it was fun.