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if you didn't know already i am currently doing my final semester in architecture where we would have to propose our own thesis in question. of course this is rad and all where we would have the freedom of doing something we're passionate about, this was how i felt when my lovely tutor briefed us on the next 6 weeks to come;


i iz dead monkey. keel me nao.

yea i'm just exaggerating. but inside i was really panicking. this was the one chance that we get the freedom to do anything we want, yet i'm stuck. there's so many things i want to do, and i've got to choose just ONE, and finish it within 6 weeks. while other universities conventionally stretch their thesis projects throughout a whole year i've got 6 weeks. how fab.

dont worry

maybe i'm just stressing myself out with too high expectations. till then, let me flaunt my (amateur-ish) yet pretty photograph skills when cherie voon came with bokeh filters. it was fun.

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  1. we can do it, heapheap :)
    think about it, 6 more weeks is not a long time! after that.. hoooolidayy!

    ps. i think i'm panicking myself in the process, OMG 6 more weeks ONLY?!