feel my eyes on your back



I admit it, i stalk people online. HAH. Everyone does it. That's why you've got an account on facebook isint it? To stay 'connected' to your 'friends' which is.. basically everyone you've met in your life. Sometimes you don't even know that person in real life, or even their names.. but you would find them and stalk them.. all in the name of entertainment. Follow their every status update, picture comments, photos they've been tagged in or wall-to-wall conversations that are meaningless.

Ok, i don't think i'm to that extent. But really, how would i know who-married-who or who-broke-up-with-who if not for the largest social network on the net? Not so sure if it really works in terms of 'social networking' tho. =/


Booyah. i'm obsessed with taking photographs of everything i see too. I'm going for a short trip to Sydney this weekend. Wait for the photos on facebook!

or maybe not.


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