goodbye europe

delft winter
i arrived on a cold winter day

delft spring
enjoyed the flowers during spring

delft summer
and tanned under the summer sun

So my 6 months long adventure in Europe has ended. I've been back in Malaysia for 5 days now, and everything just feel the same as before i left. The newspaper still prints the same old issues, the radio still plays the same type of music and the people aint much different. again, i'd like to remind myself it was just a short 6 months even if it felt like a whole lifetime over there. Things might've stayed the same, but I'd like to think that i've changed for the better. I've explored lots of new places, learnt alot more about the world we live in, but most importantly, met alot of great people. I've turned so ignorant in my circle of comfort and never expected travelling to be such a life-changing experience.

i miss riding my bike on those cobblestone roads, lying on the green grass while watchin the ducks swim in the canals and the way people are just so unmaterialistic and content with life. There are so many things i miss but am happy to be back at the same time. Yesterday felt like a dream, am very thankful for today and optimistic for the future. watch out melbourne, i'll be back in a week!

we came, we saw

we came we saw

i'm slowly reverting back to the geeky side, at the moment addicted to "patchwork heroes" on the psp. while patapon and loco roco were too cute for words, the hype died after a few hours. titori however is witty, fun and overworked. my poor little airship destroyer!



ever felt like you don't want to do anything at all? when you don't have the urge to be productive and just waste your day away? really, at times i feel so bummed out that i would just stay in bed and wouldn't run away even if there's a meteor heading towards my way.

anyway rocks don't move. they just roll around when people push them. someone please push me so i could get my momentum back.

bloed oranje

bloed oranje

Once every four years I turn into an orange fan. It is a real experience to cheer for your favourite team in their own home country. Even though the team made it through brazil, my personal hero no.9 was a major disappointment! Should've printed a big 10 for the short and bald headed cutie!