the week in august

emo post just bear with me. i feel so mentally and physically exhausted these days. As life throws more rocks at me, i get irritated at people much easier, seriously demotivated to do anything and the sleeves of my sweater gets wet too. I'm living by Barney Stinsons's motto though:  

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead".

Being awesome isint easy. But heres a peek into 5 good awesome things, just as a reminder to myself.

1) the thicker folder cost me more than 3 times cheaper than the thinner one. wert?


2) oh i got my coffee fix. Coffee in the nederlands was horrible. and horribly expensive. Then theres the exception when the italian boy made espresso. Divine.


3) got my sushi fix too. come into my mouth you little critters.


4) participated in the superstudio design competition for my 2nd year in a row. it was great fun to be working with hong again this year and wk where loads of random and (most of the time) nonsensical ideas were tossed about. the brief this year was to rejuvenate invisible spaces in the city through the theme of play. we took inspiration from the ted talk by jane mcgonigal (watch it and LOL! with me) and had the citizens of melbourne embark on their own epic adventure. let's just say we're one step away from an epic win. pray for us =D



5) the class is designing conceptual bridges for the semester. at the moment mine is less than awesome but just being able to attend such a challenging and interesting class conjures rainbows in front of my eyes.


Whats keeping us from being awesome? i can tell what's mine but why cant i just overcome it?

grateful for all that i have


The hostage drama in Manila was shocking. Seeing bloodshed in movies and video games is so different from watching it live on the news channel, knowing that its actually happening in real life. Personally I thought the police did a horrible horrible job. I understand that any person would be scared shitless yadda yadaa but those attempts at breaking in was outright pathetic. Felt SO much like vomitting when I saw the spray of gunshots through the window, knowing someone was behind there and even more when a body was pushed through the front door of the bus. It was like watching a really really bad dream and was praying so hard that no one else would get hurt. My heart goes out to the innocent lives lost. Dear friends; i'm glad you're with me today.

happy mornings



as i said thank you to the cute coffee barista, i dropped my coffee on the pavement while walking away. it dropped with a huge splash. and my whole face turned into a bright red tomato. but he gave me a new one right away and said not to worry about it. nice people just make my early mornings so much brighter.

some loving for your stomach



good morning. i know you're hungry so i made these sandwiches with all my love



goodbyes are always hard. for the past month i've been saying goodbye to a lot of things. many of them that i may never see again. some are happy goodbyes, wishing each other the best for the future, while some are purely by choice; goodbyes because it is best for all. such a big difference between the two.