for another fab year to come

2011 nye

this new year’s eve, the boyfriend and i decided to skip the madness of celebrations (including the 39degree heat) and opted for a romantic night in.


Delicious moroccan spiced lamb; check. Romantic candle light setting; check. Wine to compliment; uncheck (the wine was just horrible). Jazz music in background; check.


Fireworks in background; check. The only way it can get more romantic than this is if we had an italian maitre d’ who also can play the violin.


The best thing about staying in this year was that we had front row seats to the fireworks show. Over the years, melbourne has always had fireworks at the yarra river and docklands. But this year, they were lovely enough to have some from flagstaff gardens. And since my apartment is practically right next to flagstaff gardens and with a balcony facing docklands, fireworks were just right in freaking front of my face. As spectacular as it was, it was so loud it felt like i was getting shot in the chest multiple times during a scene of world war 2.

how quick and wild this year has been. It has been an epic year for me; embarked on an adventure around europe, meeting lots of new friends and old friends too.


i also graduated last month; and i mean..FINALLY graduating after 6 long years of university life.


but mostly, i think it was the year to remember for the people i love most.


have a happy happy new year! hope the new year brings all that we wish for.

sent with love

christmas cards; printed, sealed and sent!

christmas card01

christmas card02

merry christmas everyone! a few of my friends were having their graduations at the same time, so congrats too! i’ll post up the cards soon (if anyone actually wants it) but meanwhile, i’ll be gearing up for boxing day sales (insert big heart emoticon).

polka dotted candles


Today i grow another year older. Throughout the many years i’ve learnt again and again that age is just a number. It really is not a big deal to me that i am not getting any younger, or asset-wise; i’m depreciating.

Everyday i learn that no matter how much money there is in my pocket, i would not be as happy as being with the people i love. For now, i am perfectly happy and could not ask for anything more. All i wish for is for themselves to be happy too, and that they would get anything they could wish for. So i am very thankful friends; the 2 cakes that i blew off during the past week, they were for you.

P1050359 copy

The boyfriend wanted to surprise me too with the perfect beach get-together at brighton beach on the weekend. Sadly the colourful kite broke under the strong winds, it started raining, and the mini sandstorm got sand into the cake. This random guy really wanted to be in my picture though.


Despite the setbacks, nothing beats good company. The cliché jump-shot at the beach with the emotional sunset as the perfect background. How talented they are at jumping; i should’ve forced them to do a h.bday for me.


Someone made a chocolate molten lava cake for me. Split the cake into half and chocolate oooozzess out from the insides. Just FAB.

vintage ghosts


I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a obsessive disorder in thrifting, but i’m experiencing it. I pounce on any warehouse sales i come across to and visiting old musty shops with people’s junk just seems.. exciting. haha. in other words, im a cheapo. refusing to pay full price for high end fashion brands i would really much rather buy off pre-loved items. isin’t it much more special when you actually discover something that other people simply overlooked?

these are just some things i’ve found in the past few months; most of them from camberwell market in melbourne. a hint for shopping there; go when the stallholders are being forced to leave, they would rather just sell it near to nothing than bring back their stock with them.

vintage ghost

my boyfriend thinks otherwise. he gets freaked out that i’m wearing some stranger’s pre-owned clothes.

and no. so far i’ve not encountered any unnatural occurrences.

action packed november

sleep walking

i’ve been missing in action for the past month. if you’ve been wondering what happened to me, i was the walking zombie at the university campus, the one holding the UHU glue in one hand and a cutter in the other. dangerous? very much so. but i have this aura where people tend to steer away when i come near anyway.
The final review went alright. In the end i think the guest critiques didn't know what to comment on. How would anyone comment on the design of a war bunker that is highly impractical, abstract and will never be built? but.. im SO GLAD THE SEMESTER IS OVER BWAHAHA. i didn’t make a physical model (it would be impossible to build) but made a book instead.


pretty happy with the outcome. Lots of people had fun flipping through the spaces at the GRADEX exhibition (too late. the exhibition is over and done with). And now comes the next chapter in my life. A career. Stay tuned.


oh. my older brother and his 2 chicas came to visit me too. you’d think that it would be easy bringing 3 adults that are actually older and wiser than you around melbourne, but i was so exhausted at the end of each day. now they’ve gone and the apartment crammed with 8 people back to 3… its getting a little quiet =(

here in australia, november is the month for MOVEMBER! grow a mo to spread the awareness of men’s health! while men with moustaches are many now, chivalry is still, hard to find.