polka dotted candles


Today i grow another year older. Throughout the many years i’ve learnt again and again that age is just a number. It really is not a big deal to me that i am not getting any younger, or asset-wise; i’m depreciating.

Everyday i learn that no matter how much money there is in my pocket, i would not be as happy as being with the people i love. For now, i am perfectly happy and could not ask for anything more. All i wish for is for themselves to be happy too, and that they would get anything they could wish for. So i am very thankful friends; the 2 cakes that i blew off during the past week, they were for you.

P1050359 copy

The boyfriend wanted to surprise me too with the perfect beach get-together at brighton beach on the weekend. Sadly the colourful kite broke under the strong winds, it started raining, and the mini sandstorm got sand into the cake. This random guy really wanted to be in my picture though.


Despite the setbacks, nothing beats good company. The cliché jump-shot at the beach with the emotional sunset as the perfect background. How talented they are at jumping; i should’ve forced them to do a h.bday for me.


Someone made a chocolate molten lava cake for me. Split the cake into half and chocolate oooozzess out from the insides. Just FAB.


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