action packed november

sleep walking

i’ve been missing in action for the past month. if you’ve been wondering what happened to me, i was the walking zombie at the university campus, the one holding the UHU glue in one hand and a cutter in the other. dangerous? very much so. but i have this aura where people tend to steer away when i come near anyway.
The final review went alright. In the end i think the guest critiques didn't know what to comment on. How would anyone comment on the design of a war bunker that is highly impractical, abstract and will never be built? but.. im SO GLAD THE SEMESTER IS OVER BWAHAHA. i didn’t make a physical model (it would be impossible to build) but made a book instead.


pretty happy with the outcome. Lots of people had fun flipping through the spaces at the GRADEX exhibition (too late. the exhibition is over and done with). And now comes the next chapter in my life. A career. Stay tuned.


oh. my older brother and his 2 chicas came to visit me too. you’d think that it would be easy bringing 3 adults that are actually older and wiser than you around melbourne, but i was so exhausted at the end of each day. now they’ve gone and the apartment crammed with 8 people back to 3… its getting a little quiet =(

here in australia, november is the month for MOVEMBER! grow a mo to spread the awareness of men’s health! while men with moustaches are many now, chivalry is still, hard to find.


  1. Hi,
    somehow stumbled across your blog today.
    I was wondering what type of material you used for your sectional book? i love the concept - first thing that came to mind was how large/heavy it was. thanks :D

    lovely work btw

  2. used box board. yea it turned out pretty heavy but still carriable!