Sydney D2

We woke up pretty early considering the late night partying the day before, and headed straight for FOOD! such gluttony. But apparently Din Tai Fung in World Square had the best dumplings in Sydney and yes they were good. Cant say how it would compare to the ones in Shanghai but they are good enough for seconds!

We then waited nearly an hour for the free cbd shuttle bus towards circular quay. Considering that the free bus were supposed to come at every 10 minutes; you could say it made us very very grumpy.

We got acquainted with the weekend market at the Rocks before proceeding for Pancake on the Rocks. I think its such a tradition for every tourist to just try them at least once.

It was getting late for the cruise to Manly so we hung around the Opera House instead, where Sydney presented us with a beautiful sunset. Stayed abit for the screening of Happy Feet in front of the steps of the Opera House. I didn’t think the movie was a very good one but it was adorable when kids started dancing on the platform provided with the penguins on screen.


We ended the night with dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe. At that point our camera batteries were already exhausted from all the photo snapping; but we had mussels and kangaroo meat. I would really recommend them, I’m not a big fan of mussels but they didn’t taste fishy at all and the kangaroo meat was sooo tender. Its funny to know how Australia is the only country that would have their own national animal as a delicacy.

We were unhappy that they didn’t have mango beer as we read in some reviews, so we proceeded to Löwenbräu Keller for them. I have to say that the place is HUGE and has a very authentic german feel to it. Even the waiters and waitresses were dressed up in the traditional lederhosen and dirndl. Thumbs up for extra effort!