for another fab year to come

2011 nye

this new year’s eve, the boyfriend and i decided to skip the madness of celebrations (including the 39degree heat) and opted for a romantic night in.


Delicious moroccan spiced lamb; check. Romantic candle light setting; check. Wine to compliment; uncheck (the wine was just horrible). Jazz music in background; check.


Fireworks in background; check. The only way it can get more romantic than this is if we had an italian maitre d’ who also can play the violin.


The best thing about staying in this year was that we had front row seats to the fireworks show. Over the years, melbourne has always had fireworks at the yarra river and docklands. But this year, they were lovely enough to have some from flagstaff gardens. And since my apartment is practically right next to flagstaff gardens and with a balcony facing docklands, fireworks were just right in freaking front of my face. As spectacular as it was, it was so loud it felt like i was getting shot in the chest multiple times during a scene of world war 2.

how quick and wild this year has been. It has been an epic year for me; embarked on an adventure around europe, meeting lots of new friends and old friends too.


i also graduated last month; and i mean..FINALLY graduating after 6 long years of university life.


but mostly, i think it was the year to remember for the people i love most.


have a happy happy new year! hope the new year brings all that we wish for.


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