home sweet home

i’m back in my home country, malaysia for the holidays. Being the thrifty (or should i say; scrooge-like) me, budget airlines is always my preferred choice. The flight was packed, and it was the worst ever flight i had in my years of traveling. I should’ve taken the advice of my dad; not to save the 200bucks for a bigger seat instead of enduring 7 hours of pure torture.


I get mixed feelings everytime i come back to here. One is happy to once again see my family, my friends and my home that i grew up in. The other is sad; sad to see so much dishonesty, corruption and inequality that plagues my country so.

keep em stoopid

politics; is all about how well you can brainwash your people. that’s what propaganda does. and the easiest way to get people on your side is when they’re dumb and naive. Education here is a sham. They don’t actually teach you things, they just force feed you into memorizing things without asking why, and somehow this becomes a way of life here. politics is so depressing. i hate it so i choose to ignore it. so if i don’t choose to do anything about it, it will only stay the same.

On another note, the Malaysian news is like a huge drama show. An opposition leader charged with sodomizing a male aide, a mongolian model blew to bits with a C4 explosive (wtf isin’t that just sick), and a journalist cum political secretary who fell out of the window of the anti-corruption office. Isn't this even better than what screenwriters can think of.

I shouldn’t say more. As if i’m THAT politically informed.


  1. Your drawings are absolutely divine !! All the details are there and i love the way you describe the scene .
    Even without colors , the drawing speaks volumes .


  2. thank you for the compliment!~ i really appreciate that! =D