vintage ghosts


I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a obsessive disorder in thrifting, but i’m experiencing it. I pounce on any warehouse sales i come across to and visiting old musty shops with people’s junk just seems.. exciting. haha. in other words, im a cheapo. refusing to pay full price for high end fashion brands i would really much rather buy off pre-loved items. isin’t it much more special when you actually discover something that other people simply overlooked?

these are just some things i’ve found in the past few months; most of them from camberwell market in melbourne. a hint for shopping there; go when the stallholders are being forced to leave, they would rather just sell it near to nothing than bring back their stock with them.

vintage ghost

my boyfriend thinks otherwise. he gets freaked out that i’m wearing some stranger’s pre-owned clothes.

and no. so far i’ve not encountered any unnatural occurrences.


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