the festival i didnt know about

The Mooi Weer Spelen was held 2 weeks ago in Delft. I happened to chance upon it as I was just doing my weekly visit to the market. Truthfully I didn't even know it was a festival till I got home. How was I to know when all the promotional posters are in Dutch?! Nonetheless there were many interesting sights and sounds. I think this is one of the plus points of Delft, Saturdays are always fun with activities =)

fresh laundry? its art.

They made a maze using milk crates through a little lane, forcing people to snake through it. I thought it was pretty cute, until I had to go through them the 3rd time. You've always got to have quirky costumed musicians during a festival!

This was a giant kaleidoscope going up to my chest. Would've looked more psychedelic if I had mushrooms before sticking my head in.


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