BERSIH 2.0 Melbourne


At federation square; 2pm

It wasnt a huge crowd, but it was a good effort. I’m proud of the people who put aside the time to organize and attend, shows how much you care. Melbourne kicked off the worldwide Bersih rally campaigning for cleaner and fairer elections in Malaysia, and was the largest one outside our homeland.


Truthfully, I’m not someone who passionately fights for social reform, but at least i attended right? I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be here, away from the shit that’s happening back home. When i hear about the lives of my friends, i cant help but feel sorry for all the marginalization and injustice they have to go through their daily lives.


We attended, because we care for our future.


It was a peaceful, civilized rally. I cringe watching the videos of what happened back home, the police actually running to kick protesters, shooting tear gas into the public and especially the one where they just stood watching the man experience a seizure after they handcuffed him. What’s worse is how the police, protectors of the citizens (pfft) did not take any action in calling for an ambulance or took out the plastic strings they used to handcuff him despite pleads from the public, responding they did not have anything to cut them. Help only came about half an hour later from a passerby with a car, by then he was dead. The authorities responded later about the incident, pointing out that he brought it into himself; if one knows you have health conditions, don’t come out rallying. Argh that just makes me so angry i hope these people choke on the fat of the nasi lemak ayam goreng they just had brought using the public’s money they squandered off.


Even some friends from Brunei came to support.


Yellow scarf and shoes. This will be as yellow as i can get.

Would i participate have in the one in KL if i was back? Most probably. Then again i think my parents would kill me if i tried to leave the house that day.

Anyways this has gotten too political. Let me with a light-hearted photo of the lovely harry potter meetup group that went on the same day. While we were singing the national anthem, they sang the hogwarts song. Cant wait to watch the last of the harry potter movies!



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