end of year

end of year

wtf, another year is coming to an end. i’d probably say the same thing a year from now.

then again, from the way predictions say that the world will end next year, maybe i wont get the chance to. HAHA


two o eleven has been an emotional roller coaster for me. was forced spluttering from graduation into the work force, and the rejection from countless potential firms just made me doubt myself.  found reassurance from the unlikeliest sources, special people that make you realize how wonderful you are. started a career, found myself in limbo, discovered what it takes to be a good leader. close friends moved on, yet never found myself lonely. got lied to, stupid enough to feign oblivious, but never felt freer when the truth came out.

how cryptic. this year i’ve dabbled in so things that i have never done, loved it, and yet im back to where i was before.


here’s to another year. and more happy wrinkles around my eyes.


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