you make it happen

as the new year arrived, i’ve had alot of people go:

“oh another sad boring year”. or

“i dont believe in making new years resolutions”

=_= wtf. why so negative. its a fabulous new year, time to let go of the past, anything you’re unhappy about, set some new goals that you’d like to achieve and bloody stick to it. its true we don’t need this to be the only occasion for change, but is it not a chance for us to look back and see what we improve with ourselves?

anyways, heres my resolutions for the year to come. just so i’ll know in 365 days, if i achieve none of them, i deserve to receive one big slap on the face for failing myself.


haha. how hard can this be right? its freaking not. im not talking about buying material things (i actually hardly do this. half of the time im shopping for family and friends; depriving myself of luxuries on the pretext that i really DO NOT NEED it), but more about taking care of my health, going to the gym more consistently, not stuffing myself silly with sugar, getting enough sleep, do things that i enjoy more often. you get the point.


im so messy its annoying. i vow to make up my bed every morning. i vow to clean up the plates RIGHT after i eat. but i also promise to not take myself too seriously.


i’ve got a whole list of things. just do it.



happy new years peeps.

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  1. just saw this! <3 this babe!

    here's to an epic 2012!