the little intro and not-so-little act of randomness

i am a malaysian chinese. 6 years ago i moved to australia to study in the field of architecture. i wanted to become an architect, because oo someone said you could design nice buildings and earn big money out of it. how deluded i was. haha. school taught me lots, but the most important education i had was from the people i met and experiences i had when moving abroad. soon i learnt that everyone and anyone could really be whatever that wanted to be. throw away all the negative thoughts and excuses. its not that hard, with a little self-confidence and belief in yourself, we all could be superstars or supermodels; olympic medallists or roadside sweepers (if you wanted to). it didn't matter what other people said, as long as you want it, go get it.

so after a year in architecture; i quit. it has nothing to do with my job; i love it to bits. my bosses are the nicest people on earth, and talented to boot. colleagues are friendly and work is challenging. my job scope defined how people lived, how you would walk from one destination to another, how you would feel when you were within a space. in a sense, i felt my work was very much worthwhile.

it all sounds to high and mighty doesn’t it. what many people don't see is the fact that we slaved day and night working to maximise the developers profits, then the client deciding not to pay you because he’s too cheap, or worse them thinking that your job is so easy and pathetic they could do it. we work overtime ALL THE TIME WITHOUT PAY, because good design requires lots of time and love. and it is so rare to find a client who is willing to pay for good design.

eureka tower melbourne office tods japan omotesando 
(L) that’s where i work. (R) that’s where i wished i shopped.
i’ve always felt that life was too short and beautiful to be stuck in the office; figuring the best way for people to park their cars or squeezing 4 bedrooms into a 2 bedder apartment. i took the leap, and i’ll be flying off to dubai to work as a flight attendant. for not wishing to be entangled in legal issues, i wont disclose who’s my employer, which is the major airline is based in dubai. haha. yes i am aware of the shit i will need to go through, the fact that i might be too optimistic about the prospects of travelling yadda yadda, but i still need to do it. i went through the tough interview stages and i got in. there isnt any better time to do it and i know i will regret it if i don’t give it a go.

so i’m leaving in 2 hours, and im nervous as shit. i tell family and friends that it will be just for a year or two; to travel and see the world; but no one really knows what the future holds.

here goes :)


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