i’m trained for this

we had one whole week of GMT (general medical training). after a week i've learnt that i cannot cannot stomach any blood, pain, screaming or any serious medical conditions. i've also learnt how important these life skills are in times of a medical emergency. the trainers have made us prepared in any life-threatening event you can think of; from simple burns to internal bleeding, cardiac arrest, and even childbirth.

so now i know how to administer CPR. i’m glad to say that i will know what to do in an event of a cardiac arrest. a cardiac arrest is when one’s heart suddenly stop working (usually after a heart attack). however i reckon i’ll only act as the last resort in the case that there isn’t anyone else to help. lol.

funny cpr
the step-by-step images do show the right way to administer CPR; albeit the hilarious captions.
1) call for help or an ambulance
2) tilt the head back while checking for signs of breathing
5) place palm along the nipple line in the middle of the chest (this is serious..)
6) 30 chest compressions as hard as possible with 2 hands within 15seconds
3) blow hard! only twice into lungs
repeat till victim starts breathing/paramedics arrive/after 30 minutes. wtf capri-sun liquid?? no.. we’re just meant to check for the pulse or breathing.

one thing i learnt is that while doing the CPR, the ribs will more often than not break under the chest compressions. the rule of thumb is that if there isn’t any cracking sounds, it means that the compressions aren’t effective. freaky.

cpr by nina reck  liking the awareness poster by nina reck

CPR training childbirth training

it gets worse as the week progresses. we learnt how to stab someone with the EPIPEN (adrenaline solution) if they were suffering from a severe case of allergic reaction. then came childbirth with a really real plastic model. the baby comes out all slimy and with the cord attached.

if you can stomach more, there was also the session on how to handle dead bodies on board if such an event were to happen. the cabin is actually prepared with a corpse bag and all the accessories needed to respectfully 'bag' the poor soul.

this was a slightly traumatising week for me, to actually be trained for events that might happen. pray that it never does happen on my flights. cause i know i’ll be freaking out like shite if it did.


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