prepare for lift off

i’ve finally finally ended my training. its been a long 6 weeks. even though i’m a little sad that i wont be seeing all my batchmates that i’ve grown so close from learning and spending time together every single day for the past weeks, i’m actually more relieved that its finally over.

also, our rosters are released on the 26th of each month. meaning that i’ve actually been allocated the destinations that i’m flying to.

pakistanphotography by umer whom i reckon captures the most beautiful pictures of his home country.

tomorrow i will be doing my very first turnaround supy (supernumery) flight to karachi, pakistan. i won’t be actually working but will be there just to observe and learn from the start to finish. then comes my first operational flights to 3 destinations in india, bangladesh, jeddah, and iraq. my first layover (which i am very excited for) was allocated at the end of the month, which i believe deserves it’s own post. haha.

pakistan children the dreamfly project

so you can see now, my first month of operational flights will be to many of the countries which are still living in hardcore poverty. many of my more experienced friends have shared with me their encounters; how many of the passengers on these flights probably have never had any formal education and how it is probably their first flight to/from home after many years abroad trying to make ends meet. my parents are freaking out at the destinations i need to serve (it’s their typical protective maternal instinct) but truthfully i wished i had time to go about the cities and towns instead of just turnarounds.

it will be an interesting month. i just hope the crew i fly with will be nice ones. i’m new. please go easy on me. =)


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